New ‘Lion King’ exceeds expectations

Disney's  live action animated 'Lion King' opened in theatres on July 19, 2019.

Disney's live action animated 'Lion King' opened in theatres on July 19, 2019.

Story by Savannah Alvis, Reporter

Disney came out with a new PG rated live animated  “Lion King” on July 19, 2019. Disney made the first “Lion King” in 1994. The only character that was the same in both movies was James Earl Jones. The new one starred popular names. Seth Rogen played Pumaa, Beyonce played adult Nala, Donald Glover played adult Simba, Chance the Rapper played bush baby, Keegan-Michael Key played Kamari, and Eric Andre played Azizi. 

The new “Lion King” and the old “Lion King” shared the same background story. What was different was in the scene where Mufasa saved Simba from the Hyenas in the original movie there was only three, in the new movie there was the whole pack. When Simba made his big comeback to the prideland lighting struck as he showed himself to his mom Sarabi and his uncle Scar. 

The original “Lion King” didn’t show that Simba had a little girl at the end of the movie until Disney came out with the second one in 1998. The new “Lion King” showed it was a girl, they also showed Rafiki presenting her to the rest of the animals in the pride land. 

I really enjoyed how Disney put the new movie together, they made the major scenes the same but the not so major scenes they changed it up and had a whole new experience for the “Lion King” movie. The directors for the 1994 movie were Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. The directors for the 2019 movie was Jon Favreau. Having different directors to create the new “Lion King” helped add a new dialog without changing the background story. The soundtrack had all the same songs but with the different singers the songs felt weird almost as if they were changed. 

When hearing and seeing all the different changes from the original movie it was breathtaking. They were able to bring it to life without having to make huge changes to the movie. Bringing it up to date with live animation added a more realistic feel without losing the original story line. So, enjoy the refreshing take on the Disney classic at a local theatre near you.