Lunch/coffee in the Library

Story by William Rieck, Reporter

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As of the beginning of this school year, students were given the privilege to eat upstairs in the Library as opposed to eating in the cafeteria. In addition, back in October, the Tribal Perk opened in the library during lunch hours.

I was very excited when I learned about this, I never really enjoyed eating in the Cafeteria I found it to be too noisy and too crowded, so when the Library remodeled to allow students to eat lunch up there I immediately jumped at the chance. The library is already a calming environment for me and it stays the same during lunch. The Tribal Perk being open in the library during lunch is also a nice touch, it allows students who love coffee and tea to have their favorite beverage during the school day whereas before the Tribal Perk only sold coffee before first hour.

I will admit that I did have concerns regarding anyone who goes up to the library to work would be distracted by those who are eating. Students also tend to pile all of their trash into one trash can up there ignoring the other two. That being said the students are usually quiet and eventually they catch on and use the other trash can.

Overall I am very excited and hope that this stays for more students to eat lunch in a quiet, calm and peaceful environment.

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