Simmons steps into Recovery Room position


Karina Hernandez

WATCHFUL EYE. Overseeing the Recovery Room, Ms. Mallory Simmons checks on a student’s progress.

Story by Karina Hernandez, Reporter

Housed at the end of the art hallway just on the corner sits new ISS/Recovery teacher Ms. Mallory Simmons. The room is calm, collected and quiet. It offers an inviting environment where she can observe all of her students. Ms. Simmons quietly helps her students when needed making them feel comfortable. 

Ms. Simmons graduated from Fort Osage in 2004, Missouri Valley College in 2008 with a degree in Criminal Justice & UCM in 2011 with her Masters of Arts in Teaching. She believes her goal is to help all her students.

“My goal is to help students any way I can,” Ms. Simmons said in an email. “My goal is to always ask if there is anything I can do to help, and have an open line of communication with them.”

Ms. Simmons started her Recovery Room intervention job at Fire Prairie Middle school in 2008. She worked there while receiving her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Then she moved to the Independence School District and worked at Independence Academy from Aug. 2020 till May 2021. Ms. Gibson feels she’s a good fit for Fort Osage High School.

“I think Ms. Simmons is an awesome fit for our school district and an awesome addition to our high school staff,” Ms. Gibson said in an email. “Ms. Simmons brings energy, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm to our staff and the ISS/Recovery room.”

Ms.Simmons has always wanted to change lives. She wanted to be in schools where she could be more proactive with students. Ms. Schaller finds Ms. Simmons is good relating to the students here at the school.

“Yes, I do think that Ms. Simmons is a good fit as the ISS/Recovery Room teacher,” Ms. Schaller said in an email. “She has experience working with students from alternative schools, so she is accustomed to working with and relating to these types of students.”

She’s been teaching for 13 years and feels she’s had an open ear for students and wants her room to feel safe.

“I have high expectations and don’t allow non-sense,” Ms.Simmons said in an email. “I am very honest with students, and always have an open ear to listen to any concern. I believe students believe my room is safe, because I am honest, open, and don’t pry for information. I always try to help them and find any resources I can to help students.”

As the day comes to a close, Ms.Simmons makes sure her kids are where they need to be with their class work. She packs everything up,makes sure her desk is in order and exits the room.