Barnett shows dependability on court


SERVE. Stepping into the backcourt, Senior Mackenzie Barnett sets up to serve. Barnett had 44 aces and 161 digs on the season.

Story by Jazzy Walker, Reporter

Senior Mackenzie Barnett walks out to the court after coming out of the time out huddle. She high fives the surrounding players on the court. When she walks back over to her spot, she gets in a ready position ready to absorb the serve that might come her way. 

Barnett has played volleyball for Fort Osage all four years of her high school career. She feels that competing is the best part about playing. 

“I look forward to the bus rides and competing with my friends,” Barnett said.

Barnett plays left back/Defensive Specialist for the team. Altogether She has been playing volleyball for close to eight years. Junior Jaali Hervey believes Barnett is a very uplifting teammate. 

“During every bus ride she lifts my spirits and every time we play she knows how to make me smile,” Hervey said. “She knows exactly how to keep me going.” 

Barnett has also been actively involved in the National Honor Society since her junior year. Sophomore Nikki Snider thinks that Barnett is very dependable.

“She is very good at the position she plays in and you can always count on her to be where she needs to be,” Snider said. “If I get blocked she is always there to pick up the coverage.”

After high school Barnett plans on going to community college to use her A+ scholarship. Barnett believes that younger players should give their maximum effort. 

“Stay competitive and try your best in everything that you do,” Barnett said. 

The serve goes up and soars over the net to Barnett’s position. She sticks her arms out ready to pass. As it hits her arms, the ball makes its way to the setter who sets it to the outside hitter. When the hitter swings, a girl on the other team shanks the ball, giving Fort Osage with a point.