Ferguson focused on career in fine arts


CREATING: Starting a new project, senior Hailie Ferguson opens a clay package. Ferguson is the president of the National Art Honor Society and plans on pursuing an education in fine arts.

Story by Shia Mobley, Reporter

A soft murmur fell over the class, the sound of paintbrush strokes flying across the stark, white paper. An array of colors sit pooled inside the tray while the brush lapps gently on the paper. A girl pushes a stray hair away from her face, concentrating on the artwork before her. Senior Hailie Ferguson paints a photographic piece, a perfect balance of colors and harmony. 

“I started taking art seriously when I was given the choice of art or band,” Ferguson said. “That was going into 7th grade.” 

Ferguson is president of the National Art Honor Society. She enjoys the community and shared interests in art that is established in NAHS.                   

“NAHS was the only club I really felt welcome in because I’m surrounded by all art kids,” Ferguson said. “Plus, once I heard that we could paint parking spots, I thought that was awesome.”                      

The National Art Honors Society is a membership organization that grants students opportunities for scholarships. They also specialize in giving artistic students the recognition they deserve, and using art to educate and enhance others lives. Ferguson found herself inspired by the beauty in things most would ignore.

“Objects you wouldn’t necessarily use in an art piece inspires me, like painting on an umbrella, mirror, cardboard or wood,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson is interested in going to Kansas City Art Institute and majoring in illustration. She hopes to pursue a career in fine arts. Her teacher, Ms. Kim Meneses, finds Hailie to be a dedicated artist and student.

“Hailie is a very dedicated art student who is working hard in class, as well as outside of class, dedicating a lot of time on her projects,” Mrs. Meneses said in an email. “Hailie is full of creative ideas pushing the boundaries on all her artwork, not only to create works she can be proud of, but works of art that are intriguing and thought provoking for the viewers.”

Junior Kyra McKinney believes that Ferguson is a kind peer and role model.

“Hailie Ferguson is a very nice and hardworking person,”  MicKinney said. “She’s a good role model.”

She dabs a paintbrush onto a sheet of brown tissue paper to let the excess water seep into the paper before dipping it into another shade. A student calls her names, she looks up with a glint in her eyes, ready to help.