First week goes well for freshman


Aurora Spriggs

PASSING TIME: Flooding the halls, freshman students navigate to their next classes. School started on Aug. 23, 2021.

Story by Aurora Spriggs, Reporter

Fort Osage students started school on Aug. 23, 2021. On this day, 400 freshmen walked into the high school building for their first classes. Freshman Social Studies Teacher Phillip Maggio finds that students are working hard to balance the workload in the classroom and their life outside of school.

I  think the freshmen are adapting well,” Mr. Maggio said. “They are still finding their way through the hallways & trying to figure out what their goals are. Overall, the transition from OTMS to FOHS has been pretty good, at least from my students’ point of view.” 

Mr. Maggio has seen progress over the years with transitioning between his students. Freshman Caitlyn Doop thinks nothing will be different.

“My first week of high school was good and I don’t think it will be much different from last year,” Doop said. “High School is pretty much what I thought it would be.” 

Teachers and administrators were very lenient about tardiness for the first week due to all the new classes for freshmen. 

Freshman Julian Mackey has enjoyed his science class most. 

“I like science class, not because of the teacher but because of the experiments we are able to do,” Mackey said. 

If students still would like their schedule changed in any way, they can schedule an appointment with their counselors.