Latest installment of ‘Addams Family’ keeps your fingers snapping

"The Addams Family" (PG) opened to audiences on Oct. 11. It continues the long standing series started in the late 1930s.

Story by Lailah Bobo, Reporter

“The Addams Family” has been a series adored by “comedic horror” and macabre fans since the 1964 television series aired. Directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan created the first animated version of “The Addams Family” (PG). The newest version was released on Oct. 11, 2019 and I personally believe that this film is a great addition to “The Addams Family” franchise and other animated horror films. 

“The Addams Family” shows the lives of the ghoulish and ghastly family. The house obtains the couple Morticia and Gomez Addams (voiced by Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac), their children Pugsley and Wednesday Addams (voiced by Finn Wolfhard and Chloe Grace Moretz), the butler Lurch (voiced by Conrad Vernon), and Lurch’s helping hand Thing. “The Addams Family” is mostly about the household members, but other characters that have helped mold the series is Gomez Addams’ brother, Fester, commonly referred to as Uncle Fester by Wednesday and Pugsley (voiced by Nick Kroll), Grandmama Addams (voiced by Bette Midler), and cousin Itt (voiced by rapper Snoop Dogg).

I love the storyline and  how the animation and graphics match the original cartoon drawings that “The Addams Family” creator, Charles Addams, had originally designed in the late 1930s. The animated version has really focused on the feelings and desires of the main members of the family. I truly believe that the die hard fans of the franchise will appreciate a new view on the notorious, fictional family.

The animated film went along with the original cartoons made in 1938. This 2019 version is obviously different and unique compared to the 1964 TV series and the three movies from the 1990s. One similarity that I don’t think will ever be removed from the franchise is the finger-snapping, catchy theme song. A difference in this film versus the live action films is that Wednesday is interested in the world that revolves outside of her haunted mansion, Pugley’s interest in being happy and pleasing his father, and the fact that there are antagonists trying to remove the Addams Family from the rest of society. The storyline for this film outlines the relationships between the parents and their children and the relationships that the Addams’ attempt to develop outside of their haunted asylum of a mansion. This movie shows how Gomez and son Pugsley are working together to build a father-son bond that helps fulfill the Addams Family life traditions. It also displays the mother-daughter relationship between Morticia and Wednesday and how the typical love hate relationship flows between “tween” daughters and adoring mothers.

I like the fact that in this move the family comes together and enjoys each other’s company more than they did in the live action films. I believe that the cast members who do the voiceovers for the characters also fit the analyses of the characters. Actor Oscar Isaac plays the important role of Gomez Addams. I think that Isaac really portrayed the fun, whimsical, yet daring man of the house. The adventurous ways of Gomez is really displayed through the vibrant voice that Isaac has. Complimenting Isaac’s voice is Charlize Theron who vocalizes the protective and morbid Morticia Addams. Her voice related to Anjelica Huston, who played Morticia in the first two live action films, because they are very calm and monotone, and through their voice you can hear their love for their ghastly desires. 

I believe that the 2019 movie was a great addition to what viewers have seen since the 90’s and I appreciate this work of art that has been handed to us. I love the voice actors, the storyline, and the graphics of this movie. I will forever love the creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and all together ooky Addams Family.