Rosario carries on football family tradition

Julia Couch


Julia Couch

COVERED. Shifting to his left, Senior Nicolas “Nico” Rosario (21) breaks away from Van Horn’s No. 41 to pursue the play. Rosario plays cornerback and safety for the Indians.

Story by Julia Couch, Reporter

Senior Nico Rosario stands on the 40 yard line facing his opponent, he keeps his eyes trained on the ball in anticipation as Van Horn prepares to start the play. The ball is snapped and the play begins, Rosario gets straight into work. Keeping pace with his opponent, he works on shielding him from being able to get the ball. 

Rosario has been playing football for 12 years and has been playing on the varsity team for two. He serves as a safety and cornerback for the team. Rosario thinks that his family helped encourage him to play football.

“What made me want to start playing football was seeing my older siblings play when I was younger,” Rosario said. 

Rosario plans on going to college and studying Business and Agriculture. He hopes to further his athletic career in either football or baseball but has not made the choice between the two. Senior Jaeden Penamon feels Rosario is a reliable team mate. 

“I know that he will do his part on the other side of the ball and I know we’ll just work together as a team,” Penamon said. 

Rosario enjoys hanging out with his friends on game days and getting into the spirit of the high school football experience. Senior Elijah Bernard believes that Rosario has helped improve him through his playing. 

“He has helped me improve as a player by pushing himself all the time and always going 100,” Bernard said. “I see that and it makes me want to do it, too.” 

Rosario’s last bit of advice for younger players is to always watch the decisions you make inside and outside of school because it can all have an effect on your athletic career and your life in general. His favorite memory in his four years has been going to State his freshman year. 

“(I remember) Watching the older guys go against a pretty good team and unfortunately losing,” Rosario said. “I was still a good experience travelling around.” 

The play ends and Rosario heads to the defensive huddle. He begins to prepare for the next play as the defensive coordinator signals in the defensive call.