Senior Gala provides night to remember


Isabella Yennie

LAST GATHERING. The Class of 2021 talk with friends in the bleachers as they wait for the entertainment, Terry Davolt’s Comedy Hypnosis Show, to begin. The Senior Gala replaced the usual prom festivities due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Story by Isabella Yennie, Reporter

Decked out in suits, dresses, silk, and glitter, seniors of Fort Osage came together for the Senior Gala. Squinted eyes hinted at the smiles behind masks while conversing with friends. Compliments of student’s outfits rang throughout the balloon decorated commons area. Saturday, May 1, 2021, was the first dance-like event students were able to participate in over a year. 

Seniors had a variety of 12 different options for desserts from Cheesecake Factory, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and other gluten free selections. Photography Teacher Ms. Patrica Smith set up the Insta Pix Photo Booth along with props to take pictures. For entertainment, students watched performer Terry Davolt’s Comedy Hypnosis show in the gymnasium. Around 100 seniors bought tickets to attend. Senior Class President Kenadi Thomas hopes the experience was memorable for everyone. 

“We really just did the best with what we were given,” Thomas said. “Thanks to those who cooperated and trusted us even though it wasn’t exactly what they planned on having for a senior gala or prom.” 

The Jackson County CDC was called to approve of the gala plans. No dancing was allowed, but the Student Council found other ways to make the event special. Three hundred fifty invitations were mailed to the senior class to personally reach out to them. It was also decided among the senior members of the Student Council that the theme would be called “The Last Night with the Tribe.”  

In a regular school year, prom is at Arrowhead Stadium. There are large crowds, loud music, and dance circles to get students hyped. With the current circumstances, this aspect was missed. However, the relaxed atmosphere and ability to catch up with friends was an enjoyable accommodation. Being at the high school instead of the stadium for the get together made the experience more meaningful. Senior Aspen Treadwell, a student who has attended prom before, believes some of the new features could be added in the future.

“We’ve never had entertainment at prom before which is something that we might be able to incorporate at a regular prom,” Treadwell said. “The students actually got to choose their desserts instead of only eating whatever is provided.” 

While the school year has been anything but normal, the familiarity of spending a formal evening out excited seniors. Even though this wasn’t a typical ‘dance’, they took pictures beforehand to still have the prom experience. Senior Gabe Kribbs, a student who has never been to prom and is also virtual, enjoyed being able to see friends. 

“I liked getting to socialize at the gala,” Kribbs said. “I liked it because it was a reason to get dressed up again.”

As students left the gymnasium after the show, the sound of heels clacked the tiles as students made their way to photobooth. Crowns and hats were held up as props while the flash of the camera captured the moment. Although it was not a typical prom, seniors held the strips from the photo booth as though the Senior Gala was still a night to remember.