Teachers return to Fort


Treyvuntae Lee

RETURNING HOME. Ms. Paige Maske (top), Ms. Samantha Messer (Bottom Left) and Mr. Simo Atagi (Bottom Right) all came back to work at FOHS after brief work stints in other schools or positions. Ms. Maske now teachers Credit Recovery, Ms. Messer teaches Health and Mr. Atagi teachers Social Studies and Real World Career Exploration.

Story by Treyvuntae Lee, Reporter

Every year teachers move schools or retire. This year three teachers have come back. Ms. Paige Maske, Mr. Simo Atagi and Ms. Samantha Messer have rejoined the high school staff. 

Ms. Maske took over as Credit Recovery teacher.  In her previous school she was an elementary PE teacher at Carrollton School District.  Ms. Maske is an alum of FOHS Class of 2012.  From the time she left college, she has always wanted to be a Fort Osage teacher.

“I always wanted to work at Fort Osage,” Ms. Maske said in an email.  “That was my ultimate goal when I graduated from college so when I saw opportunity I ran with it.” 

Mr. Atagi returns to the school after spending a year at Blue Springs South High School.  He went to fill the role as a Junior History Teacher and as their offensive line coordinator for their football team. Mr. Atagi claims to like his new positions as the Offensive Coordinator, World History, and Real World Career Exploration teacher at Fort Osage. He finds that coaching is very rewarding.

“After games when they are successful and their families and friends are celebrating all their hard work paying off; that is an experience you don’t get many places,”  Mr. Atag said in an email.

Ms. Messer will be coming in as a Health teacher. She had taken a year away from teaching to take care of her father who is very ill with cancer, volunteering at church, and staying home with her newborn baby, Ruth. Coming back to work was always in her plan

“I missed teaching so much,” Ms. Messer said in an email. “I love my job and although it was best for my family for me to take a year off, I wanted to get back as soon as I could.” 

Ms. Maske teaches her class in room 49, Mr. Atagi teaches in room 53 and Ms. Messer teaches in room 114