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Latest installment of ‘Addams Family’ keeps your fingers snapping

November 5, 2019

“The Addams Family” has been a series adored by “comedic horror” and macabre fans since the 1964 televisi...

‘It Chapter Two’ not all it could be

Story by Dana Beattie, Reporter

October 25, 2019

“IT Chapter Two” opened to theaters a little more than a month ago on Sept. 6, 2019. Fans of the ...

New Royalty nomination process: mountain or molehill

Student Council changed the nomination process for Homecoming/Courtwarming Royalty starting this school year.

Story by Staff

September 26, 2019

The selection of Homecoming Royalty is a well known tradition. Changes have been made to the nominatio...

Students can face anxiety and uncertainty as the new school year starts.

Heading back to school can bring anxiety for students

August 30, 2019

The end of summer and the start of a new school year brings countless emotions for different people. ...

Signal Reporter Dana Beattie shares insights on the back to school shopping experience.

Back to school shopping can be stress free

August 14, 2019

Back to school shopping. This term is normally accompanied by either a rush of excitement or sinking...

New ‘Lion King’ exceeds expectations

Disney's  live action animated 'Lion King' opened in theatres on July 19, 2019.

Story by Savannah Alvis, Reporter

August 14, 2019

Disney came out with a new PG rated live animated  “Lion King” on July 19, 2019. Disney made the ...

Relationships with pets can help fill voids in life

Story by Cassidy Newberry, Reporter

May 29, 2019

Everyday when I come home i'm greeted with screaming and crying but it’s actually a good thing. I'm greeted by my three dogs. There names are Biscuit (Toy Australian Shepherd), Gracie (Toy Australian Shepherd), and Ken (Pembroke Welsh Corgi). Biscuit is 8, Gracie is 3 and Ken is 1. Dogs have been in my family for as long as I...

The road after high school

Story by Katelynn Pope, Editor/Reporter

May 9, 2019

The commonly known board game called “The Game of Life” begins with a fork in the road: dive into a career path or go through college before starting up the career path. Nearing the end of high school, seniors are meeting the same fork in the road and they either have a set plan or they’re still figuring it out. Ho...

Cutting in line draws ire of those who wait patiently

Story by Susan Downs, Editor/Reporter

April 22, 2019

Cutting in line is one of the most annoying things. On the, the school’s news website, there was a poll on what the biggest pet peeves are. Out of the 41 votes cast, Cutting in Line had the most votes at nine and Being Left Unread in second place with eight. People who have the patience to wait in line are disrespected by...

Self nominate for the experience

Story by Joel Huntebrinker, Editor/Reporter

February 22, 2019

Being a candidate for Homecoming or Courwarming is a unique experience. The rules are simple: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6/7 classes. May not have had ISS or OSS for a major offense within a semester of being nominated. Be a member of the class s/he is chosen to represent. Have attended FOHS or OTMS at leas...

I like snow days, but this is getting crazy

Story by Feliciti Mitts, Editor/Reporter

February 22, 2019

We’re two months into 2019 and spring sports are about to start, ACT testing is starting again and we’re still struggling to get back into the swing of things. Snow days are not only a day for us to make up work we’ve been procrastinating, they’re a day for us to get thrown off. I know they throw me off a lot. When s...

Take a closer look at girls wrestling

Junior Tess Kinne stands atop the podium with her tournament card and 1st Place District medal. Kinne was the first in school history to win an individual Girls District Wrestling Championship.

Story by Kale Kimbrell, Editor/Reporter

February 22, 2019

Look at these girls. Have you seen them? I’m talking about the Girls Varsity Wrestling Team. It is m...

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