Out With The Old, In With The New

Story by Skyler Adams, Reporter

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Progress is being made on the new athletic field north of the high school. There will be new turf as well as a new track. On the visitors side, we’ll be building bathrooms and a concession stand. With the new turf the school will be able to have the soccer games at the new stadium.

I love the new stadium set up. Bathrooms won’t be so crowded and the concession stands won’t be so long. The new stadium and set up will be welcoming to all ages for home games on both sides of the field. Our visiting team’s fans will be given their own choices and won’t have to wait to use the bathrooms or the water fountains.

The alumni can actually come and enjoy the new turf and the sports games. The new stadium will benefit everyone from grandparents to the students to have more fun and be able to enjoy the game with shorter lines for food and bathrooms.

I do however think the money could have been used to repair everything else around the school. New paint, desks, re-doing the woodwork on the old part of the high school. The school will look a lot better with the new turf and stadium and will give the school a look of a fresh new start with new memories.

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