Snow days force summer school changes

Story by Della Riner, Editor/Reporter

Changes have been made to the Summer school program including longer classes and an online component. The abnormal amount of snow days prompted the changes. Assistant Principal Andrew Zuber feels the longer class periods may be harder on teachers and students.

“Being in the same class for two hours and 56 minutes is going to be challenging,” Mr. Zuber said. “Hopefully teachers have something planned.”

Students are expected to make up for all missed work outside of school with the online component. Sophomore Madison Powell feels this is a helpful change to the program.
“It’s better to know that I can make up work when I miss days outside of school,”  Powell said.

Sophomore Kalina Kovachevich thinks it will be easier to complete work with longer class periods.

“Longer classes mean I will probably be able to get my work done on time and in class,” Kovachevich said in a Skype interview.

Summer school starts May 31 and ends on June 28. The day goes from 7:45 a.m. to 1:18 p. m.