What to do when your school closes due to a Pandemic


Graphic by Mr. Merithew

Story by Cassidy Newberry, Reporter

The beginning of the 2020 was a normal start for most high school students. They were preparing for spring sports, graduation and end of the year testing. Until their school year got turned upside down. On March 15, 2020 Fort Osage sent out an email stating “As a result of the continued concerns about COVID-19, classes at Fort Osage are being cancelled Monday, March 16 – Friday March 27.” Including the originally scheduled spring break. Classes are now cancelled through Friday, April 24. Which includes all sports and activities. 

So, what do students do when their school closes down due to a pandemic?

Schools all across America are shut down and students are loving it. Gov. Mike Parson announced a statewide Stay-at-Home Order on Friday April 3rd. The order expires April 24. Public and charter schools will remain closed across the state until then. 

I’ve seen lots of students outside and on social media not following this order. Students are hanging out at each other’s houses, driving in cars together and students are playing sports together. Now they are not the only ones doing this. My friends and I have driven to Mcdonald’s and had sleepovers this whole quarantine.

But when schools are shut down because of a pandemic, students don’t take it as seriously as they should. They think COVID-19 does not affect their age group. Which is not true. People under the age of 18 can still get the virus. There has already been one death in Lancaster, California where the victim was under 18.

It isn’t all a good thing for the students though. The seniors don’t know if they’ll have a normal graduation or one at all. Student sports seasons aren’t happening. “I feel like I’m getting cheated out of my Senior year,” Senior Destiny Calivere said. 

The teachers and staff at Fort Osage are working very hard through this tough time. Keeping families updated often on their social media platforms and Giving kids 18 and under a free lunch on weekdays. Fort Families are doing their best during this pandemic, helping each other however they can. 

So, what should students do when their school closes down due to a pandemic? Students need to stay inside, and adhere to the stay-at-home orders that have been issued. It may seem hard not being able to see your boyfriend or your best friend. But staying in saves lives. Practicing social distancing saves lives. Going for a walk around your neighborhood is a good way to get out of the house but still being safe. Playing with your pets or learning a new hobby might be options as well. It may be hard but everyone is in this together.