Cafeteria shifts to new food choices


Della Riner

Junior Mylan Harris looks over the food items in the newly organized food station. The cafe started offering different options in the food lines at the start of November.

Story by Della Riner, Editor/Reporter

The district introduced two updated food stations to the high school cafeteria. One offers the same item each day and the other rotates menu options each day. They are clearly labeled with bold signs.

Cafeteria Director Shelley Mershon thinks the students will enjoy this new change and is open to the students suggestions.

“I’m up for kids input and kids can feel free and tell us what they’d like to see,” Ms. Mershon said.

Chicken Tetrazzini is one of the new options in the rotating line. Sophomore Jonathan Reiss feels the flavor was lacking and he didn’t like the portion size.

“(It) Wasn’t as flavorful as I thought it would be and I kind of felt jipped on the portion size,” Reiss said.

The other lunchline still features pizza, spicy chicken sandwiches, and regular chicken sandwiches on a daily basis. Sophomore Elle Renfrow is enjoying the new options in the cafeteria.

“I liked having new options and the foods been really good I like the rotation of the menu items,” Renfrow said about the menu rotations and new food.

The new food will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a new spicy menu on Thursdays. Monday is chicken bowl and biscuit or chicken drumstick, Tuesday is chicken tetrazzini or mac and cheese, Wednesday is country fried steak or pot roast and gravy, Thursday is crispy boneless wings or chicken sriracha, and Friday is baked potato bar and taco salad.