Opportunities out of obstacles


Junior Columnist Cali Roberts

Story by Cali Roberts, Reporter

Going into junior year I had little guidance as to what the year was going to look like. With hybrid learning and COVID protocols, in place the normalcy of a school week ceased to exist. Despite the “losses” of this school year I still made several accomplishments, and am now preparing for what could possibly be a normal senior year.

When preparing my schedule for next year I realized I would have to give up classes to better prepare me for my career path. That meant leaving The Signal behind and joining different classes. After being inducted into Quill and Scroll I had planned to go into college to major in journalism or communications. Writing is second nature to me, and something I enjoy, but I had a small feeling that I could find something I was even more passionate about. While I still enjoy writing and have loved my time writing for The Signal, I felt more passionate about other career paths and interests. I have an interest in a career in the medical field, specifically a gynecologist. So, choosing a science heavy schedule will better prepare me for my college courses. 

Senior year is the year to focus on the future and envisioning myself. What kind of job and life I would choose to lead was the hardest part of that focus. I spent several months of my junior year thinking, possibly stressing, about what career would be best for me. Around December I decided to pursue a career in the medical field. Even though it is difficult to imagine myself in any job, I believe this path will be the best in challenging me and keeping me engaged.

During freshman year the college adviser spoke with classes about scholarships, and opportunities for our future. Of course many of us had no idea what that meant or how it worked, but it became clear that these scholarships and tests had an impact on future education. Applying to scholarships was easier than I had imagined, especially with the help of our current college adviser, Ms. Ashley Ginger. When I applied for the junior scholarship with KC Scholars I had not imagined that I would be a recipient. Even though I thought this, I applied and was awarded with the scholarship along with three others in my class. 

What senior year is going to look like is still in question for us juniors. With COVID vaccines becoming more accessible and updated CDC protocols a normal senior year could very well be a possibility for the class of 2022. As junior year comes to a close I’m confident that the next year will be a successful one. I have shaped my opportunities and goals for the future this year and will continue to my senior year.