Siri Vs Bixby.

Skyler Adams compares the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Skyler Adams compares the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Story by Skyler Adams, Reporter

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We’re all familiar with the iPhone versus Samsung battle. And we’ve all got our favorite or even sit in the middle with both. So, iPhone or Samsung? You decided.

As we approach the end of the new release of the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, we are faced with comparing a ton of similar features. Now, we all know the higher the number, the newer the phone. Apple recently announced the coming of the first generation- iPhone X (ten). I wonder if they forgot the old saying, “seven-ate-nine,” or if that is what happened because they skipped the iPhone 9. All jokes aside, both Apple and Samsung have improved the iPhone and Galaxy by adding wireless charging, which means no more wall adapters. You can just set your iPhone or Samsung on a charger port and it charges faster. Apple users have fallen in love with Siri, however we sometimes run into  bumps and have trouble with her understanding. Samsung lovers get Bixby, a newer and better AI assistance.

The Samsung S6 came out and changed the Cellphone world as being ‘Water Resistance’ and now we’ve kept that change with Samsung Galaxy S8. But this year, Apple came out with the iPhone 8 and X as being ‘Water resistant’ but can only last long enough from a harmful spill in your bowl or cereal or in a puddle outside. With the last few generations of iPhone, when a pictured is captured you press and hold it as it plays a few seconds for the picture.

The home button has been eliminated on the Samsung, which makes it completely touch screen and allows for a bigger screen. However, all iPhone users still have the push button that is still finger proof protective.

As I tested out Siri on the iPhone, I found that with the new update on the 7, Siri is unable to open and function properly about most of things. I found Samsung’s Bixby  more reliable on things. She seemed more outgoing. Bixby users say they’ll go more for Samsung more than Apple. Bixby answers to most or almost all of the subjects you ask her too. However, bixby does need an update on her software. This blew my mind. When you ask Bixby to do anything, she’ll go and do everything just like you’re doing it without the touch of a finger to your phone. She’ll do the volume, and type everything. Personally I pick Bixby over Siri. She’s more capable of doing what you ask her. As to  Siri, you’ll have to have a certain tone of voice. However, my Android based Samsung phone doesn’t offer Bixby, as I’ve seen her users show me her work of art. My mind has been completely blown and I have fallen in love with Bixby.

For me, I would choose the Android based Galaxy S8 over the iPhone 8 or X based on the reliability and functionality of Bixby.

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Siri Vs Bixby.