Duis brings compassion to counseling job


Shia Mobley

SCHEDULING. Double checking a schedule, Counselor Bryce Duis makes sure a student is in the correct class. Mr. Duis is new to FOHS and replaced Ms. Melessa Demo who retired last school year.

Story by Shia Mobley, Reporter

Within the counseling office the sound of keyboard clicks echo off the walls. An inviting door is swung open to reveal a man looking down at his desk, his eyes darting back and forth from the computer screen to a tower of neatly stacked papers. The sound of footsteps breaks his intense focus and his cheeks rise to indicate a smile hidden behind his mask. Mr. Bryce Duis’ passion for helping students is evident. 

“I like helping kids,” Mr. Duis said. “It’s a passion of mine. I like helping kids be successful in a school setting.”

Mr. Duis graduated with an undergraduate degree from North Western Missouri State with a bachelor in psychology. He then graduated MidAmerica Nazarene University with a master in Arts and Professional Counseling. Mr. Duis originally came from the Clay County Children’s Division where he worked for eight years. This is his first year as a high school counselor. He thought the school had a good family environment.

“Mr. Moore was very inviting,” Mr. Duis said. “It was very clear Fort Osage was a family.”

Mr. Duis replaced Ms. Melissa Demo who retired at the end of last year. Student’s agreed with the idea of a welcoming staff. 

“I was confused at first who to email,” Junior Justice Whitlock admits in an interview, “but afterward he made it really easy figuring out my classes.” 

Student’s with a last name R-Z can connect to Mr. Duis using email to set up a one-on-one appointment. Mr. Duis can not only help students with their schedules but also with issues pertaining to their mental health. A new counselor can have an exciting and impactful change on a student’s life.

“Having a new counselor impacts me a lot as a student.” Junior Zoe Schapler said in an interview, “I’m excited to get to know him.”

A student waits patiently in the counseling office, their hands kneaded together on top of bouncing legs. Their head perks up at the call of their name, a comforting voice carries throughout the room as they enter a secluded office. The day continues to run smoothly as Mr. Duis helps the students of Fort Osage High School.